About The Kimberley Diaries

So there I was August 2007. I’d just moved and things were settling down again. I wanted to write a new blog about my pop dreams over the years, from the hilarious (Girls Aloud doing a Channel 5 gameshow involving an assault course, and Cheryl offering me some sawdust while doing a little dance) to the horrifying (snogging Donnie out of New Kids On The Block!) I also wanted to write a blog about the amazingness of Girls Aloud as I really don’t praise them enough (!) I got out my old diaries to find the pop dreams I’d written but as I was reading the two blog ideas merged and I thought, why not write a diary from the perspective of Kimberley Walsh? But make it blatant that it is fake. I could use the daft scenarios I’d made up on Popjustice and the Girls Aloud official forum. So I did just that. Didn’t promote it that much, but people caught onto it and to my surprise really liked it. A month later I wrote another one, thought the last bit was maybe a bit mental but again it went down quite well. From thereon, my imagination was coming alive with different stories and I realised I liked this writing lark. Met Kimberley while I was putting together the two parter ‘Stranded’ and I mentioned The Kimberley Diaries to her although I was in two minds about it, I mean, it does take the piss a bit, but it’s written with affection, and Kimberley and the girls usually triumph in the end. I finished the first volume at Christmas 2007 and thought that might be it but come 2008 I got inspired again and the second volume was born. Each story gained more readers and I am so grateful for the positive reactions, people telling me the bits they find funny, how much they look forward to the next story. It has helped me so much, has really encouraged me to write more. The flipside of the coin is that I have to up my game each time! I get really nervous when I’ve just posted a new one in case people don’t find it funny.

October 2008, a year after first meeting Kimberley, I saw her at the Dreams That Glitter signing. I gave her a drawing and I think it was from seeing my name on the drawing that she realised I was ‘Kimberley Diaries Lisa’ I was stunned! And so impressed she had remembered. For a moment I considered asking her if she liked them, which ones she’d read, but I didn’t want to put her on the spot and there really wasn’t time anyway. So all the girls must be aware of them, ooh pressure!

Then November 2008, thanks to Ricky on the official forum me and the Diaries got a mention by Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1! I’d never have expected all that has happened when I started writing the first one last year! I’m excited to see what else could happen! And of course, any interested publishers, or if Girls Aloud would now like to make this into a TV series, they can get in touch!

2009 has seen The Kimberley Diaries continue to gain readers and it was suggested to me that moving the Diaries to WordPress might widen the readership even further. So here goes! All entries are also on myspace

Thanks to everyone for reading them and giving such a great reaction!



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